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I’m so excited to talk about body skin care in our first blog post! Many of us (hopefully most) apply skincare products to our face every morning and night but tend to neglect the skin on our bodies and maybe don’t realize it needs just as much care as our face. We all get a little lazy or are at times in a rush when getting in and out of the shower so many of us don’t take the proper time to care for the skin on our body as often as we should. I would say I’m pretty good at my routine now and try to make my body care a habit at least 4 times a week. It’s taken me YEARS to get the right routine down, you could say it’s been a long bumpy road (literally), but I’ve learned SO many tips along the way which I can now share with all of you. If you’ve struggled with ingrown hairs, dry skin, or body acne before, these suggestions can really improve those issues and prevent them from happening.


Your body NEEDS exfoliation! Dry brushing physically exfoliates dead skin cell build up and so much MORE. It increases blood flow to stimulate your lymphatic system, increases energy and has been said to help with stretch marks and cellulite (depends on severity). I’ve been dry brushing for a few years now and notice that my skin maintains it’s soft and firm feel. The best time to dry brush is right before you start your shower. You’ll want to start at your feet or ankles and work in upward motions when beneath the heart and in downward motions when above the heart for lymphatic drainage. This might not be the most comfortable feeling for some, I personally don’t mind it, but just be sure to use a gentle pressure or a soft-bristled brush for more comfort. I do this about 3 times a week. If you’re new to dry brushing, I would start at 1-2 times per week and work your way up to 3 times per week – I don’t think most people need more. I also like using a handheld brush for more control on most of my body and use a longer one for my back. Most people can handle dry brushing but I would avoid it if you have psoriasis, eczema or extremely sensitive skin. If you have cystic or inflamed acne, I would also avoid dry brushing until it’s under control as this can aggravate the acne and make it worse. Make sure to replace your dry brush every 1-2 months depending on usage and store in a dry place. You should also cleanse your brush with a gentle body wash or shampoo after every couple uses or so, then hang dry.


One of my favorite products from Face Reality is the Mandelic Face & Body Scrub. This is an exfoliating cleanser that contains Mandelic Acid (chemical exfoliant – AHA) and natural cellulose beads (physical exfoliant) to gently exfoliate your skin. This can be used on your face or body which I do and is amazinggg as long as you don’t have inflamed acne. Remember, physical exfoliation can aggravate inflamed acne and cause more inflammation!

The skin on our body is thicker and more resilient than the skin on our face so we can be a bit more aggressive when exfoliating. Once in the shower, I use the scrub after I’ve rinsed off my body wash and then dispense a good amount of product onto my hands and start working it all over my body in circular motions. I like to leave the product on for a couple minutes to really benefit from the ingredients. Just a few to point out are: green tea & grape seed extract, honey, and the star of the show – Mandelic Acid (more about this ingredient in the next tip). Using this combination of the scrub and the dry brush really helps soften and smooth your skin. A lot of the time, when we feel dry this is due to a build of dead skin cells so it’s important to exfoliate everywhere! I love recommending the Mandelic Scrub to anyone suffering from non-inflamed acne! I recommend using a silicone (antibacterial) back brush (preferred over dry brush since this brush constantly gets used under water) for easier use in the hard to reach areas. I use this scrub about 2-3 times a week for smoother skin and a shave prep!


Another favorite of mine, and also the most popular with my clients, is the Face Reality Mandelic Serum. There are four different percentages of this serum but the 15%, which is the highest, is the most effective for body use. Some key ingredients in this serum are Mandelic & Lactic Acid, Niacinamide, and Sodium Hyaluronate. Mandelic Acid (AHA) has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. This serum also exfoliates dead skin, reduces pigment, supports moisture retention and improves the appearance of skin tone and texture. I love recommending this serum for clients who struggle with acne or ingrown hairs on the body. Serums contain the most concentrated ingredients so use of this product is likely to show quicker results. The usage of this product really depends on the person’s skin and what they’re treating whether that’s acne, ingrown hairs, dry skin or anti-aging purposes. This product can only be purchased with the authorization of a Certified Face Reality Specialist (includes me!) so we would discuss your goals with this product for the appropriate usage to benefit you best. The best time to use this serum is right after you shower with moisturizer on top!


Now the Body Therapy moisturizer from PCA Skin is for those who want to take their body care to the next level! This is especially great for anyone who suffers from Hyperkeratinization or severe dryness. This rich therapeutic treatment smooths and moisturizes rough, dry skin with 12% lactic acid and advanced hydrators released over 10 hours to maximize moisture in the skin. Lactic Acid is one of the few chemical exfoliants that actually holds moisture within the skin while also killing bacteria and diminishing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles by increasing cell turnover. This acid is one of most gentle chemical exfoliants so even the most sensitive skin can usually use this!

RECAP: Nurture the skin on your body and enjoy the process! Let us know if you try any of these tips or already do!

Self Care

By: Carolyn Alsalehi

Many of us (hopefully most) apply skincare products to our face every morning and night but tend to neglect the skin on our bodies and maybe don’t realize it needs just as much care as our face.

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